Start of the registration

23.10.2023 - Users are able to register and login to their account with a possibility to try our tools right away.

Tools upgrade

17.11.2023 - Bulk Exporter and Repeat Command Tool upgrade. Backup Tool getting DWG export support. RCT adding new operation for copying sketches.

New tool introduced

15.12.2023 - New tool Advance Parameter List added to the platform. This tool allows to create if conditions such as maximums, dimensional checks, parameters etc..

Idea station

13.1.2024 - Idea station added to the platform. Users are able to give their ideas for improvement and new tools through web interface. We want to listen to your needs.

Autodesk App Store offical release

6.3.2024 - Our MissingSolutions add-on is officialy placed in Autodesk App Store.

Paypal payment gateway integration

1.4.2024 - Adding possible option to our shop to pay with PayPal.

Backup Tool and window interface update

17.5.2024 - New options added as IGES format export and insert from local button. Window resize, all the windows will be opened in full size without the need of resizing.

Parameters Pro Tool update

21.6.2024 - Parameters pro export of named parameters to xlsx, Parameters Pro Tool automatic connection to their Corresponding "Named Parameters", Button to select all excel rows.

Backup tool asynchronous speed improvement

Near future - Speed up loading of multiple projects in our backup tool.